Commandment #3: Visit Other Dance Communities

Yes, ignorance is bliss, but if you want to be a better dancer, you need to venture out and experience Salsa in the big world. SLO has a particular homey, homogeneous style called “late nineties on ‘1’ L.A.” Our local dancers know each other so well, they can dance blindfolded and tell who their partner is.

Traveling to other communities will expose you to more styles of dancing and more experienced dancers. The varieties can be strikingly different from what you are used to. For example, you may see people dancing on ‘2’ or Cuban Style. Experiencing these differences on a first hand level will hone and expand your skills. Even watching them dance can inspire you beyond your plateau. And when you do go, let people know you’re from SLO. You’ll be surprised at how many dancers out there took their first Salsa steps at CPSalsa.

If you want to explore Santa Barbara, I’d recommend these websites for ideas on where to dance:

If you want to visit Fresno, look at:

If you want to try a big city such as L.A. or S.F., talk to our experienced members and see which clubs they like. You can join us on our field trips as well. If you want more information, join our facebook fan page.

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