Want to Learn About Rhythm?

Found these drum lessons on youtube that give some great background and insight into two core rhythms in Afro-Cuban music. Pretty in depth since it’s meant to teach how to play these  on drums, but good nonetheless.


First up, is the clave. As he says here, it’s the “rhythmic backbone to AfroCuban music.” As such, it’s perhaps the most important rhythm to know as a dancer of Salsa. When listening, you may recognize it when we clap it out during one of our songs on Friday nights. A thing to note when listening to songs: the clave isn’t always readily apparent. Sometimes, it’s implied in the other rhythms in the song.


Up next is the cascara. This rhythm is a complement to the clave. Like the clave, it’s not evident in every song, but you’ll definitely recognize it when you hear it.

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