This is the story of how I got started.

Back then, I was a geek (I still am). And I was an engineering student. Walking around campus, I remember seeing CPSalsa posters everywhere. The captions said, “Looking For A Few Good Men”.

I had just broken up with my first girlfriend. Most Friday nights, I was playing online video games. I had plenty of time on my hands and I was looking for something to do.

When I saw those posters, it was like they were talking right to me. I tore off one of the fliers and stuffed it in my pocket.

That Friday, I got ready for dancing and took forever picking out my clothes. I settled on a t-shirt, jeans and running shoes. I had so much gel in my hair I could feel my scalp crackle when I moved my eyebrows.

Man, was I a nerd.

I paid my $5 and walked inside. There was a nervous energy in the room. People were clustering in small circles, glancing around, waiting for something to happen. The instructor walked in.

In Part 2, I will tell you what happened during that first lesson.

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