In Part 1, I told you about how I ended up at CPSalsa for the first time.

I’ve never been a natural dancer and I have zero natural rhythm. The night of my first lesson was a blur. A frustrating, confusing blur.

I felt like I was rubbing my belly, patting my head, and jumping on one foot at the same time.

Eventually the lesson ended and the lights turned off. The dancing started and I felt my frustration start to fade. Maybe this wasn’t so hard after all.

The other guys in my class were standing awkwardly in the corners of the room. I wondered what they were all waiting for. Ignorance makes bravery easy. I walked up to the nearest girl with a big, goofy grin, and said, “Would you like to dance?”

She didn’t hesitate. She just gave me her hand. I led her to the floor. We started dancing. I quickly discovered I had a problem. I only knew how to lead one turn. The instructor had taught more moves, but I hadn’t learned those. One turn. That’s all I had. And I’d already led it twice. So I led it a third time.

My partner glanced up at me.

Well? She seemed to ask, is that all you got? Yes, I shrugged. She looked away. The song ended and I slinked back to my corner. This was exactly as hard as I thought it would be. I thought about going home.

But of course, I didn’t go home. Something happened that made the night better, and I’ve been back every Friday for years.

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