Commandment #5: Buy Some Dance Shoes

Too many CPSalsa dancers wear flip flops or sneakers, week after week, month after month, without realizing what a huge hindrance it is to their dancing. Buying a pair of dance shoes is perhaps the easiest way to improve one’s dancing quickly.

Sneakers’ soles grip the floor, making the knees vulnerable to injuries during spins. Their thick soles prevent feet from flexing, giving the offender a very clunky appearance as they step flat footed on the dance floor. Finally, they look inappropriate in a club environment.

Sandals are even worse. They provide minimal stability and support. A person wearing sandals is much more likely to trip, fall, or lose a sandal. Sandals also make spinning almost impossible. Last but not least, they expose the toes to stomp injuries.

For the above reasons, you won’t see good dancers wearing sneakers or sandals. You also won’t see them asking sandal and sneaker wearers to dance. The moral of the story: Buy appropriate shoes if you want to be asked to dance.

A good shoe for ladies is breathable, protects the toes, has leather or suede soles, and can be tightly supported around her foot and ankle, often by multiple straps. The shoe’s heel can be tall to show off her ankle, but it should be wide enough to give her adequate balance. The soles should be thin enough for her to feel connected to the floor.

Good shoes for guys have leather or suede soles, also thin enough to feel connected to the floor. A tight fit will help with balance and agility, and prevent blisters. Avoid stiff shoes – they can eat into the ankle and prevent the feet from flexing naturally.

Buying good dance shoes will increase your dancing skills by at least 25%, guaranteed. So don’t postpone, buy some dance shoes today!

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