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Throwback Thursday — Ad Posters from 20062007

Charlie Rios and Khang Duong

Thurs­days are the domain of the throw­back, so today, we give you our ad posters from the 2007 aca­d­e­mic year. Before you peruse, here’s some back­ground info on these pic­tures. Char­lie Roberts was our Ad direc­tor that year, and was …
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TIL Tuesday — Bachata Origins

Bachata Painting

It’s another Tues­day, which means you get another bit of trivia. Today we’ll talk about… The Brief Ori­gins of Bachata Bachata orig­i­nated from the Domini­can Repub­lic in the 1960s fol­low­ing the demise of Tru­jillo and his 30 year dic­ta­tor­ship, the first recorded …
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TIL Tuesday — Finding The Clave


When you can’t hear the clave… A while back I posted a video on the clave rhythm, but if you’ve been lis­ten­ing to a lot of salsa, you may find that you can’t actu­ally hear it all the time. So how do you find the clave when …
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Throwback Thursdays — Officers ’04

It’s Throw­back Thurs­day! Here’s a lit­tle bit of nos­tal­gia for those OG mem­bers of ours.

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History Pt III — Enter the Firemen


In part 2, I detailed the start of our photo shoot­ing ways. Next up, I detail the story behind the fire­men ad cam­paign. Fire­men? Sure! We were orig­i­nally think­ing of movie par­o­dies like Amer­i­can Beauty and Spi­der­man when Char­lie had men­tioned in one of the …
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I was in my fourth year at Cal Poly and the path I was walk­ing was the path of lone­li­ness: long hours of study­ing sprin­kled amidst long hours of gam­ing. I was sadly friend­less, with my best friend away at a dif­fer­ent school due …
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Some Rhythm Lessons

Want to Learn About Rhythm? Found these drum lessons on youtube that give some great back­ground and insight into two core rhythms in Afro-Cuban music. Pretty in depth since it’s meant to teach how to play these  on drums, but …
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History Pt Deux

Con­tin­u­ing the his­tory les­son… Our stroll down mem­ory lane begins a few years after the found­ing of CPSalsa (detailed in Part 1). We had been founder­ing for a while, strug­gling to get stu­dents and even strug­gling to get the moti­va­tion to run …
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For your listening pleasure

Here’s a bachata by Xavier called Eres Mi Angel. Enjoy!

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Favorite Songs

There are many ways to become a bet­ter salsa dancer. One of the best ways, is get­ting to know the music. Here’s a list of some of my cur­rent favorite songs to get you all started: La Salsa Nunca Se Acaba — …
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